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Have you recently landed your dream job? Perhaps, you want to do everything in your power to impress your new boss and coworkers. To increase your odds of enjoying success in your new career, consider enrolling in continuing education courses. For instance, you might benefit from taking a business etiquette class. Or, you may wish to enroll in an advanced computer course. If you will be speaking in front of large groups of people regularly, taking a public speaking course will likely help. This may especially be the case if you get extremely nervous when standing in front of a crowd of people. On this blog, I hope you will discover how enrolling in continuing education classes can help you advance your career. Enjoy!


Avoid Triggering A Tax Audit When You Donate Your Vehicle

12 June 2017
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Donating your vehicle to a school or charity is a good way to recycle an old vehicle that would otherwise rust away in your driveway. However, it's important to be smart about your donation; otherwise you may accidentally trigger an IRS audit of your finances. Here are two important things you need to do to get the tax benefit of your donation without any of the pain. Have High-Value Cars Appraised Read More …

First Year Teaching Preschool? Three Ways To Reach Every Student In Your Class By Learning ASL

29 May 2017
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Diversity in the preschool classroom contributes to an environment where every student has the opportunity to share and learn. However, first year teachers often discover that trying to reach every student can be a challenge. In any given classroom, you may encounter children who are learning English as a second language or who have speech delays and hearing loss. Fortunately, ASL is a wonderful common denominator that kids quickly pick up, and you can use these tips to strengthen your ability to use ASL in the classroom. Read More …